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& by appointmen
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Nature, 3 Ways:
Three Artists’ Interpretations
of the Natural World

June 4th – August 20th

*Artist Reception*
Saturday, June 4th from 5pm-8pm

Cut Paper #2 by Leslie Shellow,
2015, cut paper, 18” x 16”

Morning Moon by Karen Klinedinst,
2015, archival pigment print, 17” x 10”

Carpet Politics by Pamela Wesolek,
2016, etching/aquatint/chine collé, 12” x 12”

This exhibit features three artists
with very different takes on nature...

Leslie Shellow: abstract paintings and
3-dimensional drawings derived from natural forms

Karen Klinedinst: photographs of landscapes
“influenced by 19th century Romanticism with
21st century photography” or “Iphoneography”

Pamela Wesolek: intaglio etchings
of microcosms, some with chine collé

Indian Girl (name of canoe) by Dana Simson, Oil on Canvas, 2016, 28” x 36”

Personal Myths
Fanciful Paintings and Ceramics by
May 7th - May 28th

*Artist Reception*
Saturday, May 7th, 5-8pm

Illustrator, ceramicist, author and designer Dana Simson
has exhibited in over 400 galleries. She maintains a large
studio in an historic hotel located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore,
and she is greatly inspired by the Chesapeake Bay surrounding
the historic island home she renovated with her husband.
The area was once home to a large Native American
community. A family myth asserts that her Great-Grandfather
taught the Indians how to canoe…

The Nance Meets the Juggler by Nelson Adlin, archival print, 9" x 13"

We were sad to receive the email from Nelson's son Josh "...after 91 years, Nelson Adlin put down his palette."
Nelson had continued to create even throughout his treatments for cancer. An obvious sense of humor permeated his work,
whether it be an illustration, painting, photograph, sculpture or a piece of jewelry. Even his personalized hand-drawn cards were truly treasures
to those who received them. Nelson was a well-loved source of inspiration as an art professor at Community College of Baltimore,
and he, along with his wife, Lily, became historic building renovators in the Fells Point/Butchers Hill/Canton areas.
A man who seemed to carry sunshine with him wherever he went, Nelson and his characters will truly be missed.
Our hearts go out to his family and the rest of his loved ones.


imperfection by Emily Gaines Demsky, 2016, acrylic on paper, 38.5" x 50"

Grow into the Light
works on paper exploring our perception of flowers

March 5th - April 30th, 2016

*Artist Reception*
Saturday, March 12th, 5pm-8pm

Fleckenstein Gallery is happy to announce this timely solo exhibit by
Emily Gaines Demsky.

“The paperwhites in a pot on my dining room table lean hard toward the window;
I can see them reaching for the light in the angle of their stems and their blossoms.
And don’t we all reach for the light? Flowers connect us to the natural world,
they elevate the everyday, they remind us to grow toward the forces and sources that sustain and feed us.
My paintings are studies of the flowers before me, and they are a conversation about perception,
struggle, and the passing of time. I come back, again and again, to the bright colors
and repetitive shapes and something slightly askew. I come back again and again to the light.”
- Emily Gaines Demsky


Charcoal portrait of George Jakab by his late wife, Edda Jakab

We hope your 2016 is off to a good start!

In 2013 we had one of our most beautiful exhibits, “Edda Jakab: A Journey’s End”.
George and Susan Jakab, with a house full of Edda’s artwork, had decided to gently price many paintings
from her storage unit in order to get them into good homes. The show was extremely successful.

Sadly, George passed away last summer. His wife, Susan, and his daughters have decided
to release more of Edda’s work to the public, along with some small individual works by
Ruth Channing (framed etching), Howie Lee Weiss (charcoal drawing - sold),
Jim Brewster (framed reduction print), Brent Crothers (two-piece metal and wood sculpture),
James Von Minor (wood sculpture) and a simply beautiful Asian ceramic piece.

The work will be on display:
Saturday, January 16th – February 27th
(there will not be a reception)

The exhibit will feature various sizes of paintings and framed drawings of Edda’s
that had not been shown before, as well as two folders’ worth of works on paper.
Artwork still available from the “Journey’s End” show will be further reduced.

Here are a couple of our favorites from her earlier representational works
to her later, more abstract pieces:

Untitled watercolor by Edda Jakab, 1981, 18" x 24"

Lamoille II, by Edda Jakab, 2001, oil on canvas, 22" x 30"

Art Cards by Mattye Hamilton

AAffordable Art Holiday Show
November 28th - January 2nd

We have original artwork as a thoughtful present to that person with bare walls, or to yourself!
Featured artwork is $500 and under (paintings, photographs, mixed media, prints),
with many under $50 (mixed media, paper bead bracelets, pinch pots, and art cards).

Participating artists include Rams Brisueño, Libby Formant, Mattye Hamilton,
Marisa LaGuardia, Cathy Leaycraft, Jack Livingston, Paula Reynolds,
Dan Shapiro, Pamela Wesolek,
and we have more artwork
by Edda Jakab released to the public, as well as works by other gallery artists.

We also have art books, photo frames, clocks/ornaments/necklaces by Dana Simson,
and wall mirrors for a quick gift that doesn't bust the budget.

Artwork by
from the
Pearl C. Goodman Estate

Red-Headed Angel by JOAN ERBE, c.1975-1985
Oil on Panel and Ceramics on Frame, 18.25" x 22.5"

November 7th - November 21st Only

Untitled (Nude Angel) by JOAN ERBE, c.1975-1985, Oil on Canvas, 14" x 34"

This exhibit features framed paintings by JOAN ERBE from the 1960’s through the mid-1980’s,
as well as some ceramic sculptures, pins and a few sketches and drawings.
Pearl Goodman was an old friend of Joan’s – they had known each other for decades.
Pearl's family brought this artwork to Baltimore to give us the chance to view
some of Joan's earlier work, and to help them find good homes,
where they will be much appreciated and enjoyed.

This exhibit lasts only two weeks.
Please stop by - it's guaranteed to make you smile!

Also, check out this wonderful interview of Terrie Fleckenstein
by Cara Ober of BmoreArt,
discussing Terrie's 15 Year Anniversary of
Fleckenstein Gallery & Archival Framing.


Fleckenstein Gallery's
Fifteen Year Anniversary Group Art Show

Stand I| Andrea Huppert
Encaustic | 30” x 20”| 2014

Opening Reception
Friday September 18 from 5pm- 8pm
Fleckenstein Gallery | 3316 Keswick Road | Baltimore, MD | 21211

Fleckenstein Gallery is excited to announce the opening reception for its Fifteen Year Anniversary Group Art Show
on Friday September 18 from 5pm to 8pm. The show will highlight some of the gallery’s most celebrated artists
from throughout its years serving the Baltimore community and beyond.

The Fifteen Year Anniversary Group Art Show will feature work by Emily Gaines Demsky, Deborah Donelson,
Mattye Hamilton, Andrea Huppert, Dan Keplinger, Jack Livingston, Nicole Parker, Pamela Phillips,
Nancy Scheinman, Stuart Stein, Mary Swann, and Pamela Wesolek.

The show will run from September 18- October 31.
Gallery hours are 11- 7pm Tuesday through Friday, and 11-5pm Saturday.
The gallery is closed Sunday and Monday.

For updates on the Fifteen Year Anniversary Show visit our Facebook Event Page.


April 7, 1939 - August 27th, 2015

Our hearts are heavy upon learning of the passing of George Jakab, who,
along with his wife, Susan Abrams Jakab, had given us one of our most beautiful shows
at Fleckenstein Gallery, featuring the work of George’s late wife, artist Edda Jakab.
Such a kind, intelligent, witty and gentle man, George knew how incredibly lucky he was
to have found the love of his life not once, but twice.
We always enjoyed his visits to the gallery, with his cheerful disposition,
humor, stories of his travels and a never-ending wonderment of the stuff of life.
We’re really going to miss him.

The Baltimore Sun
has published a wonderful piece about George.
Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to Susan, George’s daughters Audrey and Chris,
and the rest of his loving family and friends.

Artist Talk with Sondra N. Arkin
August 1st, 5-8pm

We are pleased to announce an artist talk with Sondra N. Arkin to discuss her process behind the show Permutations, now on view at Fleckenstein Gallery. This event is free and open to the public.

“Arkin is a painter and curator whose media include painting, printmaking, sculpture and assemblage. Most of her recent work is in hot wax, shellac, and ink with which she makes luminous surfaces, saturated with color, punctuated with texture and depth, yet so smooth that they are mistaken for glass or ceramic. Arkin’s fields of color are deeply serene and her artistic vocabulary focuses on connections and boundaries.”

Permutations explores “a Mandelbrot fractal-like beauty,” says Arkin. “To explain the permutations: each group of nine images presents a virtually infinite potential of visual patterns. Each grid, not just interchangeable but rotatable to all four orientations, can be rearranged into a vast number of aesthetically viable patterns”.

RSVP on Facebook HERE

Sondra N Arkin | Permutations Towards Infinity #308 | Wax, Shellac on Dibond | 32" x 32"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

On View Now:

Sondra N. Arkin

Above the Shallows, wax and shellac on dibond, 32” x 32”

June 4th – August 22nd, 2015

*Artist Reception*
Thursday, June 4th, 5-8pm

Sondra N. Arkin sees her Permutations series as offering
"a Mandelbrot fractal-like beauty. To explain the permutations:
each group of nine images presents a virtually infinite
potential of visual patterns. Each grid, not just
interchangeable but rotatable to all four
orientations, can be rearranged into a vast number
of aesthetically viable patterns—with the absolute
permutations from any single grid being over
95 billion (N!*4N = 95,126,814,720).”

About Sondra N. Arkin
“Sondra N. Arkin is a painter and curator whose
media include painting, printmaking, sculpture and
assemblage. Most of her recent work is in hot
wax, shellac, and ink with which she makes
luminous surfaces, saturated with color, punctuated
with texture and depth, yet so smooth that
they are mistaken for glass or ceramic.
Arkin’s fields of color are deeply serene and her artistic
vocabulary focuses on connections and boundaries.”

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Brianna Pleasant & Jane Philips
May 2 – May 30, 2015

“Bark”, Brianna Pleasant, 2014,
Oil on Canvas, 30” x48”

“Steeple”, Jane Philips, 18 x 24”oil paint, coffee,
charcoal, india ink, gesso, polyurethane on canvas, 2015


Brianna Pleasant
Artist Brianna Pleasant views her work as an extension
of her curiosity of the human figure, focusing
on the underlying meaning of a person’s state of mind
through their gestures. Brianna Leryn Pleasant was born and
raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She received her A.F.A in
Painting and Drawing at the Community College of
Baltimore County in 2012. Currently she is completing her
last year at Towson University, scheduled to graduate
(Spring ’15) as a Painting, Drawing and Printmaking B.F.A major.

Jane Philips
Artist Jane Philips has married the historical
representation of the figure with ephemeral
abstraction. Jane uses her layered painting
techniques of drips, lacquers, and coffee
stains to create environments that merge
the mental space and the physical landscape.
Jane Philips was born and raised in The Heart of
Dixie (Alabama, U.S.A). She recently graduated from
the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 with a
BFA in painting.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Found Narratives
Stuart Stein & Erin Fostel

March 7th – April 25th, 2015

Uphold Our Honor (detail, left) by Stuart Stein, 2015, oil on canvas
An Enchanting Oscillation (right) by Erin Fostel, 2014,
ink, white charcoal, and colored pencil

Artists Stuart Stein and Erin Fostel
show their work in a joint exhibition
centered around the use of found images,
playfully collaged with paint and fluid
drawing, inviting an investigation
of your own childhood nostalgia
in relation to the objects of home and
American icons of war and baseball.



“Third Eye”
New Works by Dan Keplinger

February 7th – February 28th, 2015

"Sky" by Dan Keplinger, 2014, oil, 42" x 45"

We are pleased to showcase new work by Daniel Keplinger (aka King Gimp)
where he shares his struggle with the routine obstacles of living with Cerebral Palsy.

Utilizing the image of the eye, Keplinger writes that the work
“addresses my perception of society as a person with a disability.
Objects such as my head-stick and my wheel chair are
referenced in my artwork as symbols of my everyday obstacles.
These pieces, however, are about much more than my disability. I morph
and combine these objects with images of my body to create my own vocabulary,
which pertains to different life circumstances.”

Artful Gifts

12kt White Gold, 22kt Yellow Gold,
Carved & Acrylic Photo Frames

(Photo Courtesy of Cathy Leaycraft)
Pinch Pots and Paper Bead Bracelets
by Dan Shapiro

(Photo Courtesy of Dana Simson)
Standing & Pendulum Clocks,
Pendants, Ornaments & Cards
by Dana Simson (made in MD!)

Mirrors, Mini Mirrors
& Magnetic Mini Mirrors

Cut Paper Greeting Cards by:

ART BOOKS by Barry Nemett,
Edda Jakab, Kylis Winborne
and Jane Wynn

Dana Simson and Mary Swann

Come View our Holiday Salon Exhibit
featuring artwork by:

Rams Brisueño, Emily Gaines Demsky,
Katherine Dilworth, Pamela Kostmayer,
Paul Mintz, Julia Niederman, Mary Swann,
Molly Zimmer
and many more.

Thank you for Shopping Small!


Memorial for JOAN ERBE

*New Time: 3pm-6pm
Sunday, November 2nd

at Fleckenstein Gallery

1926 - 2014

It’s with great sadness that we acknowledge the peaceful passing of
beloved Baltimore artist JOAN ERBE
on August 21st, just a few months shy of her 88th birthday.

A headstrong, feisty woman, she created a whole universe of colorful characters drawn
from the side show performers, actors and other artists she encountered during her childhood.
Their drama and spirit always remained with her throughout her career, and even
manifested themselves upon occasion on her glasses and her shoes, which she also painted.

I was so honored to host Joan’s last art exhibit “Characters & Curiosities” here at
Fleckenstein Gallery, and to actually have her in attendance at our biggest reception ever.
It was the last time most people got to see Joan in public, and she was treated regally,
as was deserved. Everyone was just so excited to speak with her in person one more time.

As this news has spread via social media, many people have written about good memories
they had of Joan (and her late husband George), of Joan’s work (one wonderful person rescued
an awesome piece of hers from a rummage sale), or of being inspired by Joan and her art.
All agree she will be greatly missed, this unique individual who brought
such joy to the world with her art and exuberance.
Mark Barry sums it up wonderfully as he describes Joan as
"The best, it was in her fingertips and in her soul."

- Terrie Fleckenstein
August 22, 2014
(Detail of photo of Joan Erbe by MK Dilli)

Those who wish to make a donation in Joan's memory
may send a check to:

Office of Advancement
Maryland Institute College of Art
1300 West Mount Royal Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21217-4134



Previous Exhibits:

“New Prints by
Pamela Wesolek”

(formerly Pamela di Mauro)

"Tikka Masala", multiple plate etching and chine collé
by Pamela Wesolek, 2014, 30" x 22"

September 13th – October 25th, 2014


“Faces in Places and other…”
New Paintings & Monotypes by


June 14th – August 30th

“The Gazers”, Oil on Canvas, 48”x42”


"Winter Pond"

Winter Pond XII (with Decoys), 2012, Oil on Canvas, 28" x 36"

New Paintings by

February 1st - March 15th, 2014


New Paintings by

Svadhisthana, Gouache on Paper, 15" x 11"



"Dog Eat Dog"


Paintings by


Stuart's take on the financial meltdown

- with dogs.



Naturally Inclined

September 14 - October 26


"Goldfinch" by Andrea Huppert


"Reeds Beach - Autumn" by Kini Collins


Andrea Huppert exhibits her "field-forest studies", colorful and abstracted
landscape paintings with bird images, nests, branches and other natural elements.

Kini Collins shows her new landforms inspired by
trips to New Jersey last year, following the bird migrations.

She creates luscious textures in these paintings
with tissue paper, charcoal, ink and acrylic on wood.


May 11 - June 29

Nancy Scheinman, Hanna Moran,
Maura Dwyer, Ricardo Contreras, Christina Barrera,
R. Garrett Ames-Ledbetter & Katherine Dilworth

Atelier X7 features the personal artwork of the professional artists and
designers who make up the crew at NS Studios, led by internationally
renowned artist Nancy Scheinman. NS Studios provides colorful and
innovative design for educational environments which nurture students,
and foster an atmosphere for creative learning experiences.




March 2nd– April 27th, 2013

©1996, "Bridge on Water", EDDA JAKAB, oil on canvas, 8" x 18"

We'd love to thank everyone who attended Edda's final
show, as well as those who gave her artwork a good home.
The success of this exhibit is a real testament to how
many people loved Edda and her work.

(FYI: Some of Edda's larger paintings and smaller paper peices and prints
are still available, so feel free to come in and make us a reasonable offer.)


Come by and check out the new work that has come in!

"Sin (Illuminator)" JACK LIVINGSTON, goauche on paper, 15" x 11"

Featuring new work from ANDREA HUPPERT,


We would love to thank Baltimore Gay Life Magazine for listing us
among their
25 Favorite Places to Shop!

For anyone who missed our most recent shows, "Construction Work",
"Land & Sea: 5 Artists' Views" and "Atelier x 8",
we still have some of the work on view here at the gallery.
Come in and choose something that makes you smile!


For those who are familiar with Urbanite’s new E-zines,
you may have seen Terrie Fleckenstein featured in an article in the
Arts and Culture section addressing the art of archival framing.
If you have not yet seen the article, we hope you take a moment to check it out:

Urbanite Article featuring Terrie Fleckenstein


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