Jack Livingston


Born in western Nebraska in 1953, Jack Livingston grew up near Denver, Colorado. In 1979 he graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art with a degree in painting. Concurrently, he studied with counter-culture luminaries William Burroughs, Gregory Corso and Allen Ginsberg at Naropa, a Buddhist studies institute located in Boulder, Colorado. In1980 Livingston moved to Houston, Texas to participate in the then burgeoning art scene where he regularly exhibited his paintings.

In the late nineteen-eighties and early nineteen-nineties he served as literary program director for the nationally acclaimed alterative arts organization, DiverseWorks ArtSpace. In 1991, Livingston and writer Jan Werner founded Anti-Trust, a "faux” artist's collective that dissected notions of propaganda. They were awarded an NEA grant in 1992.

Moving to Baltimore, Maryland in 1996, Livingston supervised large-scale community arts projects and began to publish arts and culture criticism. In 2002 he founded RADAR Review, a journal dedicated to regional arts. Over the past two years Livingston has served as visiting artist, teacher and lecturer at a number of colleges and universities. He continues to exhibit his work in Baltimore and around the country.