Woven through Evans’ work is the aim to complicate the idea of nature and the often didactic division between the human and the natural world.  Her use of drawing recalls the picturesque travel sketches of the Romantic painters, but their subject of sublime scenery with mythic proportions is transposed onto new forms of nature that reveal the active, and irreversible, impact of the human hand.

Works in the Creeper series examine elements of nature that eke out a living among the concrete and asphalt in our increasingly expanding urban spaces. Their subjects range from massive vines of English ivy, kudzu, and other invasive plants covering buildings and forested roadsides, each suggesting the architectural structures of the city through the blanket of vegetation that envelops them.  The intricate mark-making and subtle tonality of silverpoint renders these forms as impenetrable, unknowable spaces. Together these works blur the line between what is deemed natural and un-natural, between an idealized and distanced view of nature that we hold tight, and the often overlooked examples of nature that have adapted to thrive alongside us.


Through intricate drawings, sculpture, and performative gestures, Andrea Sherrill Evans explores new forms of nature that reveal the active and irreversible impact of the human hand.  Arizona-born and Baltimore-based, Evans’ perspective is largely influenced by the varied landscapes of the places she has lived, including the Southwest, New England, and the mid-Atlantic regions of the US.  She is a recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship in Drawing, St. Botolph Club Foundation Emerging Artist Award, Blanche E. Colman Award, and is a 2019 Trawick Prize Semifinalist.   Evans’ work has been exhibited at spaces including Tiger Strikes Asteroid (Brooklyn, NY), The Dorado Project (Brooklyn, NY), Drive-By (Watertown, MA), Montserrat College of Art (Beverly, MA) and SPACE Gallery (Pittsburgh, PA). Her most recent solo exhibition, Invasive, took place at VisArts (Rockville, MD) in fall 2018. Evans teaches in the Drawing Department at Maryland Institute College of Art.

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