Artist Statement

Currently, I work on a very small scale. I extrude my drawings into three dimensions, and arrange them in appealing theatrical spaces: discarded packaging, small tin boxes, stolen spoons and other ephemera.

A lot of my work is death centric, but it’s also death positive. I’m not a gloomy sort of fellow. In addition to the Great Secret of the Universe, the Sea figures prominently in my work. I make art because it’s fun.

I am fascinated with the sea, the macabre, the divine and the metaphysical. I create narratives through tiny dioramas constructed from paper cut-outs, pen & ink drawings and paintings inside of recycled containers. I explore the idea there are two worlds – the one we live in and the one that lives within ourselves. I put my ideas inside of other objects.

Artist Biography

Jim Doran is a self taught artist. He studied music and art history for his undergraduate degree, and eventually came to be a Web designer/developer. He has participated in regional exhibits and won several awards and honorariums. He is deeply interested in using the Internet as a medium for creative expression, and for publishing photos, drawings and other works there.

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