Fleckenstein Gallery and Maryland Institute (MICA) team up to present…

Collecting Art: Where to Begin?

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Section A Meets 10/7/2017 to 11/11/2017 on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

This course is for individuals who have acquired the “art bug” and would like to learn more about art, and/or start a collection. The variety of topics include an overview of art mediums and styles; researching and approaching galleries and individual artists; framing and displaying artwork; insurance, conservation and appraisal of artwork; discovering the local art scene, arts organizations and publications. Each class will feature an art professional who will discuss their particular field, and for two extended sessions, the class will visit local art venues and artists’ studios. Moderated by Lynn Marcin.

  • Oct. 7th:    Overview of Art History, Mediums and Styles
  • Oct. 14th:  Approaching Galleries and Artist Studios, Local Arts Organizations
  • Oct. 21st:   Field Trip to Fleckenstein Gallery (Framing, Art Handling, Art Presentation, Installation), Field Trip to Collector’s Home
  • Oct. 28th:  Conservation, Art Insurance, Art Appraisals, Collecting Blue Chip Art, Auctions and Art Fairs
  • Nov. 4th:    Field Trip to Creative Alliance, Field Trip to Area 405 
  • Nov. 11th:  Presentations and Conversations by Doreen Bolger, and Cara Ober of BmoreArt
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