Organic Incarnation

nature etchings by

Pamela Wesolek

On view June 8th – August 31st

Everything with Wings Is Restless
etching and aquatint, paper 22″ x 18


I am a printmaker and artist living in New Mexico. I met Deborah Donelson at the non-toxic printmaking studio here.
We hit it off with our love of the natural world, birds and our concern for the environment.
We have collaborated on many art ventures together.The works in this show attest to that love of nature

Although each etching is unique in its perspective, they all are a distillation of time spent outside.
Color and design are the most obvious influences, but I also try to conjure seasons and something more spiritual.
Each one strives to connect by conquering the most minute details that make that plant so specific.

My intent is for the viewer to think, “I have noticed that before too”.
It’s relating at this level I find so important. In my work I strive to document as well and create.

Printmaking is a labor of love.

Every print you see here was created on a matrix of either copper or photogravure.
They were hand wiped and pulled through a press. The “chine Colle” refers to a method of sandwiching a colored,
decorative paper between the background paper and the plate, hinged with a conservation wheat paste.

I enjoy the process and accuracy intrinsic to this medium.
I have been making art in this manner for thirty years and remain devoted to the details and the aesthetic.

-Pamela Wesolek



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